Keep our Angels safe Charity Event 2014

15 on Orange Hotel, Cape Town


Cover Model Management is a South African based Model Agency representing both local & international models, talent and performers. Beautiful people with beautiful hearts putting their talents together to host not one.. not 2 but 3 absolutely amazing events


10518984_10153399847368868_4029484817524990569_n– CARWASH – 25th October 2014 at Doodles Tableview

– Food Jam – 8th November at Helps Kids Premises

1380467_940370409324397_6343336683269448522_n Fundraiser Event – at 15 On Orange Hotel during the week of the 24th – 30th September 2014  to raise funds for a worthy charity project called @Keepourangelssafe  project donating to Cape Town Child Welfare Society who helps children from crisis situations to abuse.

1924394_10204782990754531_8109512443540405548_nCover model management has come up with a brilliant idea of using the talents to excellent use as they hosted a fabulous fashion show at The 15 on Orange Hotel in the CBD, featuring designers such as Azzurah,Kobus Dippenaar, Milq & Honey, Issa Leo and Gabriella Frasier as well as raising funds by selling amazing Cover model management calandars to take it to the next level and doing as much as they possibly can!

If you have not had the opportunity of attending these amazing events there is still time to make a donation 🙂



St Yves Official Launch Cape Town

10703782_10152282899455728_2562791703521786365_n10626681_798139066899120_4401313069650193472_nIf you’re a Capetownian, and alive and kicking there could be no1798582_798143963565297_560262128495422539_n possibility of you not knowing about St Yves, it has a reputation like no other of course known for thee hottest of hot beach clubs in Camps Bay but sadly we had to say goodbye in 2013, due to the venue been taken over for hotel development.1959922_798142636898763_3960942654865528760_n

1489134_10204115743109254_8942736877234795230_nUpon receiving an invitation from thee top events and P.R company The little Black Book By Marina Nestel my heart skipped a few beats, not to worry I’m still alive in fact so much so had to get my booty down to Strand street welcomed by the red carpet of-course!

10616188_798142216898805_4101999539714404990_nThe whose 10676139_798142076898819_6919165056675698962_nwho of SA peeps, Liezel Van Der Westhuizen, Siv Ngezi to name a few, media and bloggers flaunted their best on the night pumping to the beats 10687157_798145366898490_5438274186925973412_n (1)of DJ Dean Fuel!! The bar was crowded a bit but the canapes from Très Chic Catering kept popping up! Seriously, Cape Town has just become a destination once again! Bring on the heat and get your neighborhood dancing!

Phone 021 418 0851


Night of 1000 drawings

Goodhope centre Cape Town


A night of 1000 drawings has taken inspiration from a similar but commercial event in New York where anyone from amateur painter or a well known sketch artist could participate in creating their art work on an A5 doodle where everyone has the same goal in mind, in helping those who need it most, entry was R100 and included your first free doodle, every doodle after was charged for of course! The evening 181287_577840822247238_1109545480_nalso included live entertainment and a food market to die for! I really love this initiative because while unlocking our creativity it sheds light on great causes. This year, all the proceeds will be donated to The Thomas Wildschutt Senior Primary School in Retreat to make their lives just a little brighter.images

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The One Ingredient Launch with Chef Matt Manning

Black River Park Observatory Cape Town

4VP5t-TKJvUrVCaioQFXakgpkWAUUqZjVSP6Q0Vk5YAThe first time I met Norfolk countryside Chef Matt Manning was at The Office Launch in February 2014 after a brief introduction he had told me about his Concept Of “One Ingredient” which started in June 2013.  Incorporating only one ingredient over a four course menu, (with a bacon menu to die for in March and a Red hot Chilli menu in April) just marvelling at all the inspiring avenues one can take just ONE ingredient and take it to the next level . Soon foodies all over Cape Town would rave about these amazing dinners Chef Manning has prepared and I could literally knock myself out for not attending the past dinners before -but then came an invite from Prestige Communications just to remind me what I have been missing out on!!9UjYIK4xvXtWc1zHtL8ws5U4axrl0ziLj9alhfI-zy8,TJp0ex8s2fr9-l2P0jBKiG01p1d6Bln2AQL3ZOi02yA

Fairly easy to find 7th floor Innovation Centre in Observatory (tad of a drive through peak traffic out of Noordhoek I arrived in one piece, parking was easy to find, and close to the lifts. Arriving to the plush, sophisticated lounge area filled with a variety of cook books (also known as foodie heavenJ) with a state of the art kitchen, which I could take a peek through to see Chef Manning in mattaction. to the sounds of @fionahare, @carlaConradie and @Timsmalmusic who performed on the evening along with an array of wines from @MooiPlaasWines. I was quite pleased at the selection of canapés from the various menus; it was like going through seasons for me.

One Ingredient Launch menu

Selection of Canapes

(Mushroom Menu)

Wild mushrooms, truffle mayonnaise and brioche9WsnbW84yWXhz28vvw4YofcsYiR2PEeYqNRuXWEFRLM

(Tomato Menu)

Smoked tomato, yellow tail ceviche and black olive.

Tasting Dish

Mackerel, quince chutney, beetroot, celery and walnut (suppled by Mackerel fillets sourced from @threestreams

(Chilli Menu)

Beef shin croquette, chilli aioli, chilli saltjG9YqMwutG03M2bQrwI0-3R1Q4SmNRmB3ssHYCqpYUk

(Bacon Menu)

BBQ pork belly, ranch dressing

Tasting Dish

Carrot risotto (which was my absolute favourite)

(Fennel Menu)

Liqorice marshmallow, lemon curd candied fennel

(Parsnip cake, caramel Chantilly


(Quince Menu)

Doughnuts (which I devoured on my way home) Along with

Coffee from the fabulous Tribe coffee!

Well, I’m sold on the concept and you would be too, if you would

Like to catch the next dinner do be sure to stay glued to

Tickets generally retail for R450 for a Cooking course and dining experience Click here to book:

Photography supplied by

I would like to thank Prestige Communications for inviting me, as well as Chef Matt Manning and his team for taking me on a culinary adventure.


The Parlotones performs at Paul Cluver Amphitheatre 2014

ImagePaul Cluver Amphitheatre

 The Parlotones SA’s hottest rock band is back on South African shores and just in time before life returns to back to normal, after everyone has been on holiday and kids returning to school!  The Parlotones band consists of the well known Kahn Morbee leading vocals rhythm guitar also best known for his face make-up worn and his beautiful eyes , Neil Pauw on drums, Glen Hodgson bass guitar, piano and backing vocals and Paul Hodgson lead guitar and keyboard (and no, I did not know the Hodgsons were brothers)

 How excited was I when I received a message from Michelle Pretorious, inviting a friend and I to cover the event with the Newest Sony Experia Z1 and get to hang out with the band behind the scenes for AN ENTIRE DAY, more like totally stoked! We headed up to Paul Cluver Amphitheatre which was a bit tough to find I have to admit as both of us has not attended before eventually the forest as I call it opened up and we saw what we saw on the website. Paul Cluver Amphitheatre now known as HOPE@PaulCluver with the most amazing trees surrounding the Amphitheatre (something out of a twilight movie), logs of wood surrounded the stage with soft seating on the logs of wood.  Leading up to the cabin for band members only, I found Kahn sipping some tea, playing his guitar, next thing I know im having a chat with Kahn in the kitchen, oh how the times has changed lol, he had told me about their experiences in The United States as they have just returned a day before the concert and its full steam ahead! I also met the Hodgson brothers and Neil the drummer – these guys are so chilled and relaxed just jamming, kicking back and really just doing it for the love of music. I was given a Sony Experia to capture these moments and ad them on the Parlotones Facebook page. To be honest I like my buttons on my phone and it took a while for me to get use to the whole touch screen thing, Kahn also showed us some really cool features on the phone to edit images. Soon the guys had a sound check and I heard some of my most favourite songs just added to the great excitement.


Not long and we headed to get our munchies, I would strongly recommend packing a picnic basket, bringing a blanket, maybe some pillows, if not they have some amazing food stands up and available and we had opted for the sushi which was amazing. OH Mercy country duo opened for the Parlotones with some country songs which could compare to Lady Antebellum and Taylor Swift, very sultry with loads of attitude and sex appeal!


Soon the Parlotones graced the stage with their presence in the hint of red T-shirts and skinny jeans to a full house of fans and no wonder with their Award winning asses! My favourite songs performed were Colourful, Push me to the floor and I’ll be there, all these songs brings back sooo many memories and I’m glad the Parlotones had been playing in the background at those times. The Parlotones although a rock band really has a soft spot im not sure if it’s in the lyrics of the songs or in the souls of the performers – maybe a bit of both?  And if you did not know they also have performed a song in Afrikaans (I did not expect this) but it was very refreshing! Besides all this, these guys are eco conscious and all proceeds of this concert had been donated to the HOPE foundation seriously you’re asking who is single, married or in a relationship right!!??

 I would like to thank the Parlotones team for inviting me to spend the day with them, allowing me behind the scenes into their lives and for letting me see ALL of them TOPLESS!!!! – Okay okay.. I glimpsed and then looked away! Honest! But then again you would too!

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HQ Headquarters Restaurant review Cape town

ImageHeadquarters Restaurant based at Cape Quarter in De Waterkant, I won a competition from the H.Q facebook page where I won a bottle of absolut vodka with chasers I.e schweppes and berry juice along with tapas.

The decor chinese inspired, with modern black wooden tables, and red accents throughout, what I loved about the setting was the dim lighting and the fact that it had different table settings for every occasion, be it big or small. The upstairs is cozy yet sophisticated the private reserved section had a fire place with books, couches really encouraged a comfortable atmosphere.

The menu consists of tapas, and the specialty of course..steak!

Service is impeccable and you immediately feel welcome and important from the moment you step in. It brings together a mixed crowd of professionals, definitely a place to bring the masses together

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Madame Zingara Theatre of Dreams

1093853_10201219639748480_865168347_oThe first time I got intr1011453_10201216268744207_1455280455_noduced to Madame Zingara was probably when I was 15 years old,  my dad who worked for a company called Ikamva Labantu -a non charitable organization in Woodstock which means “The Future of our Nation”, hosted some events at Madame Zingara in aid of charity. 1148879_10201216357386423_302969170_n I recall when Madame Zingara (the restaurant) burned down in 2006, The cause of the fire still remains uncertain, but it was suspected to be a cigarette that was not extinguished.  With plans to get back on their feet, they had decided to import a Vaudeville Tent from Belgium that is made from wood, stained glass and mirrors keeping the mystery alive.  Soon, they had started touring to S.A’s cities periodically and the rest as they say is history. 484004_10201216340185993_1943469786_n What is Madame Zingara you ask? call it a  circus.. a spectacle, a bit of burlesque if you may, but whatever you do.. NOTHING will prepare you for what you about to experience! I of course had to  see what all the hype and sold out shows was all about!
We headed down to the corner of Breakwater Blvd and Dock Road, Waterfront, where it is hosted this year.  We parked at the V&A’s undercover parking which was there were plenty of, the show started at 8pm And we arrived to a marquee something out of a willy-wonker movie, giant lolly-pops, giant hearts, a fortune-teller tent and a clothing boutique to allow you to get right into character within the whimsical setting. We gathered into a lounge area where everyone gathered before the show – welcomed by human statues, no cameras nor video clips are allowed to be taked during the show. No tickets are sold at the door so you would need to book in advance, ticket prices ranges from R410 – R495 depending on where you are seated and excludes drinks and gratuity. 1005374_10201216324585603_842934009_n We were guided to our very own private booth of 8 pax,  where I invited seven of my girl friends along to join in on the fun, consisting of a 4 course meal which included  A Granita of vodka, fresh mint & lime or a cranberry sparkling fruit drink welcomes you Mezze – M.Z’s classic mezze to start our evening with the Royal Countess.  Second Piatti In Italy they always begin their meal with pasta. Handmade envelopes filled with love, served with a sauteé of delicate mushrooms and a drizzle of truffle oil. Mains – A choice of our classic dishes served with side vegetables.  Chocolate Chilli Fillet The Madame’s signature dish on our plate. A seductive blend of dark Belgian chocolate, rosemary & a hint of chilli, paired with succulent beef fillet on a bed of rocket and field mushrooms.  Lamb Shank Slow roasted lamb shank accom644258_10201216354026339_1263304561_npanied with mash potato, broccoli florettes & a rich red wine reduction.527009_10201216292384798_1796780838_n  Pesce il Giorno Black sesame crusted Norwegian salmon, served on wasabi mashed potato & wilted baby spinach, topped with lemon aioli, soy & squid ink reduction& ginger infused salsa fresco Vegetarian Butternut and sage risotto cakes layered with roasted baby vegetables and goats cheese, topped with rocket & pepperonata. Dessert – Death by chocolate – chocolate Tiramisu, chocolate nut brownies.

I particularly do not prefer to go into much detail about the show, but what I can say is – it’s like a movie set and you are in on all the action, the live acts are world class extraordinary, expect your jaw to literally drop, you would want to close your eyes but peek through your fingers at the same time, there would be times when you cringe, and there’s definitely moments 999152_10201216306585153_44182410_nwhen you will scream with excitement! , The waiters are anything but waiters they are fun, playful, very articulate  with their menus, very helpful and their timing is impeccable, the menu is well put together and a little crazy at the same time, you are in for the time of your life!  Expect to jump on the stage at the end of the show and party into the night, definitely sign the guestbook after the show and thank them for a wonderful memory that will not be short lived!1146487_10201216040338497_251391547_n

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Muizenberg a small town (as I would like to call it) along the False Bay coastline in Cape Town is renowned for Surfers Corner, the putt-putt and of course the weekly Flea-market at Sunrise Circle.


However, what the residence of Muizenberg is keeping secret is the Blue Bird Garage at 39 Albertyn Road. What’s great about this little indoor night market is that is it’s easy to get to if you are commuting on the Simons town train line as False Bay station is situated right at the station, if you are driving, parking might become a small problem as only off street parking is available or might be a good idea to get dropped off perhaps?.  Dress code would be relaxed casual as it has a very homey vibeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA. Expect to arrive to a buzz of people interacting with one another gathering at tables to enjoy an array of cuisines that are available at very reasonable prices, good enough to try out a couple of cuisines and not feel too guilty, we opted for the Chinese dumplings (which was a first for me) could be well described as a typical samoosa but not crispy although very filling and big on taste.

There are so many different food stands to chose from you will be spoiled for choice, from sushi to cupcakes and what’s great is they have a wine and cider/beer bar as well. There are fresh fruit and veg, freshly home-made bread,  art on display and for sale, sweet treats, clothing and some home décor items and fresh flowers up for sale which would be a great reason to pop-in if you can’t stay a little longer!2

1It really does bring the Muizenberg community together in a great way as everyone is heading towards the market you can really sense a great family orientated atmosphere, and the best part of course is that the market goes on no matter what the weather! The crazy part is that this happens once a week, every Friday from 4pm until 10pm – I think this is what makes Friday evening an anticipated occasion for Muizenberger’s.  The Blue Bird Garage is available to hire for events, photo / film shoots, weddings, parties, etc.

The Blue Bird Garage at 39 Albertyn Road Muizenberg Cape Town


The Global Party Shimmy Beach Club Cape Town 2013

Shimmy Beach Club Cape Town

944708_478940288855210_1776879159_nWith one of the greatest leaders on this planet Nelson Mandela being in hospital on life support, the air is thick all over the world and I’m pretty sure the world will never be prepared enough to say goodbye. Of late I’m sure many businesses had felt to delay certain events out of respect for Madiba as the CTICC’s 10th birthday was postponed as the worlds light was shed on South Africa. However in times like these we need to remember the positive changes he has implemented in our beautiful country South Africa.  With this year’s Global party, Shimmy beach club was nominated as the venue for Cape town with over 360 cities to host various charities all over the world before the end of June, it was no better time to bring the world together and support those in need.

The theme for this year’s Global party was Diamonds are forever.  947196_10200960415028024_1440405529_n A few of the exclusive items up for bidding was a pair of Golden Circle Rihanna tickets, A weekend to the English country and my favourite would have been The Dining out with the giggling gourmet with celebrity Chef Jenny Morris. At 6.30pm it was champagne and canapés at 8pm the dinner had taken place consisting of a starter, Shimmy Global salad/ shimmy home baked Bread or Cape Fish Bisque, Mains (served platter style) Sliced Fillet Steak with Winter Forest Mushrooms and truffle sauce or Sliced Kingklip with Soya Chilli, Ginger Leek and Roast Tomatoes with stuffed baby vegetables and roasted new potatoes and dessert warm chocolate tart, fresh cream and winter berries compote. The decor was outstanding from Something different – dimmed lighting, crystal chandeliers and white table settings.  Soon guests were surprised  to find they might have a genuine diamond in their glasses – where their diamonds in their glasses were tested by a small handheld device and the winner would win a diamond to the value of R15000  VIP’s, celebrities, jetsetters and high-rollers like model Tracey McGregor and Tracey Lange from Smile 90.4FM.  Lira ten time SAMA Award winner graced the crowd with her world-class entertainment and dedicated a song she sang for Madiba years ago “Something inside so strong”.


.Wola Nani, in Xhosa means we embrace and develop one another” which was one of the charities who benefited from this occasion as well as  the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.imagesCAC5JI0Z

I ended up running a bit late to the venue as I had an important meeting that afternoon, I ran home and ransacked my closet to find something to wear to the black tie affair . Finally we had arrived to ushers who could have passed as bouncers who was guiding all arriving vehicles onto the premises a luxury minivan, Mercedes Benz  van invited to give us a ride up to the venue which set the tone for the evening, considering my last VIP experience at Shimmy beach J&B Made Rare 2013.  We went inside and finally a hostess had pointed out the media lounge, I noticed slices of pizza on the counter, I went to the bar and asked what was available he mentioned hard liquor and handed me a menu (A4 standard size page not laminated or anything with no branding either as a pricelist) R800 a bottle of Absolute vodka – not sure if the glass had diamond dust attached to it that could have perhaps made me glow?  They had ushers walking about guiding everyone to their designated tables where 3 ushers were unable to assist, I had showed him the invitation emails and requested the P.R lady to assist, she then guided us to a side table close to the exit door and toilets where the door was opened a lot during the evening.  A cocktail area with “reserved signs” with a booklet of the evening itinerary  . The evening had begun and we had mixed with some of the other media guests only to find out that the table for the media had been sold, we were offered an energy drink from Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy Drink the waiter who walked PASS US and later a waiter placed a small roll on our table as an appetizer, and that my friends was it. The whole reason the media gets special access or discounts at events is for the exposure offered to event holder. This event was by invite only and at a week or two before the event took place tickets were made available to the general public at R1000 per ticket.  None the less, the affects of this evening will last way beyond what I could conceive and touch the lives of those in need.

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Fairlady magazine Pasta workshop 2013

My love for pasta has started from an early age in kindergarten when we were served sweet savoury tomato sauce that made me look forward  to it every single time we had it for lunch, slurping those spaghetti strings or snakes as I would call them at the time!  Fairlady magazine South Africa hosted their Pasta workshop and I had booked my ticket a MONTH in advance to make sure I don’t miss it, and may I add that I love a build up to events like these something to look forward to.375140_10200594015548266_2060986630_nRevised Pasta

Enough rambling, finally the day had arrived and we drove through to a partly hidden side building that  wasn’t very visible we ran late a bit, but the host was so kind to give us a call to guide us and had the entire class wait for our arrival, felt a bit bad but that was quite special that the class had waited for us before the group could progress.

We were welcomed to an open plan room sub divided into sections, the main kitchen where  FAIRLADY Food Editor, Justine Kiggen demonstrated how to roll out pasta and fold the ravioli sheets – also a big mirror above her so we could see how she was cutting which I thought was great! A drinks table filled with champagne, wines and beverages, a group of kitchen stations where we did our cooking with all our utensils and ingredients prepped and hands on chefs to guide and answer any questions we had.

923317_10200594017588317_633108291_nSoon we got into our aprons (that I loved so much I kept it on all the way home!).pasta_workshop_2013_3_400x224 We started cooking and sat down to taste a bit, same procedure followed for the rest of the pasta, soon I was tuning in to my inner “Luigi” (which I think all of us had in us) I was quite surprised at how easy all these meals were to prepare and how quickly we ran through them while having loads of fun! Suzy Fairlady magazine editor was particularly the oh so friendly down to earth soul who made all the ladies AND gentleman feel right at home! At the end of the evening we had cooked so much food to take home we didn’t have enough containers to carry all our food, Fairlady staff had of course thought we would and they provided some containers for us as well. We did not walk away empty-handed we received a jam-packed goodie bag filled with some awesome goodies, sponsored by Food Lover’s Market, Graham Beck Wines, Graham Beck Winesand  Jenny Morris Cook’s Playground.This event was well its worth, I took some pasta home and could even share with my colleagues at work – and they LOVED it! BRAVO FAIRLADY BRAVO!


Cosmopolitan Revlon nails workshop 2013

@ Bree Street Studios Building,17 New Church Street, Cape Town

As a self confessed magazine-aholic, Cosmopolitan magazine South Africa is definitely an informative digest in fashion, make up, events and of course updates in the latest world trends and a must have for any fun fearless female!
A friend of mine, Wiedaad Samsodien had invited me to join her in the Cosmopolitan Nails workshop in association with Revlon, me not being THAT into nail art I thought it was a good time to get with the program and see what all the fuss would be about.


We had used GPS to find the venue, and parked way down the road, the number was a bit tough to find, and eventually we found a quaint photography studio with (obvious) amazing lighting, chandeliers, an open bar along with Champagne, Chambord cocktails and an array of beverages along with sweet and savory canapés from DISH tantalizing our taste buds. Our table was filled with variety an array of Revlon nail vanishes, Revlon nail polish remover, bowl of water, nail phials, ear buds all the tools needed to panel beat our nails!

7003_10200979627588326_220839629_nCathy Lund – Cosmopolitan South Africa’s Editor had opened the event with a warm welcoming speech and rocking her Cosmopolitan Revlon red (which I think is Revlon seduce) nails on the evening.  Chi-Chi nail artist and previous content editor for Mweb had demonstrated step by step how to accomplish the nail art design and how to vary them, and in no time we were all tuning in to our inner Da Vinci’s! Okay.. Maybe the helpful, extremely patient Revlon fairies who came around to everyone’s tables had a little bit to do with it teehee!) We also received a chart to demonstrate ombre nails – which I tried and loved! It was much easier than what I expected and with that magical quick dry in 60 second spray – I kissed my smudged nails goodbye forever!  Home grown Cape Town sensation ShenFM performed live for the crowd and got the ladies swooning all evening!  We all walked away with a fat goodie bag with Revlon products that would well last me for the rest of the year! Definitely an event not to Miss Ladies but for now, you will have to wait until next year!

Collage Photos courtesy of

Daryl Glass Photography


Disney on Ice 2013 Cape town

IMG00741-20130705-2039Thanks to the NEXT48Hours I have won a pair of tickets to the Disney on Ice show 2013 held at the Cape town international convention centre. Straight from my office I had to fly down to Greenpoint to collect the tickets and off to the CTICC.IMG00730-20130705-2009 Running nearly late, I could appreciate the benches being packed with anticipating viewers where the show started promptly on time. Ticket prices ranged between R195-R330 per person which was a bit steep for certain families who would have liked to take their kids, but could not unfortunately afford it, I would have personally appreciated a lower price for kiddies under 5 (Although kids under 2 entered free). There were a variety of toys, edibles available which added to the overall experience.

PIMG00731-20130705-2011assport to Adventure reminds me of yester-years.

                                                                                        The iconic Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and even after all these years they  have  not lost their originality and kept me giggling  throughout the  evening.

                                            Simba, Timon and Pumbaa with The Lion King and Aerial and flounder under the sea (always a pleasure running into Sabastian the Crab with his crazy sense of humour!)IMG00736-20130705-2015

It was great spending time with my sister who came down from New Castle and


her daughter dancing and clapping hands along to the songs.  IMG00723-20130705-1859

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Gordon Ramsay meets Miss Honey @Kfm94.5FM

Chef Gordon Ramsay with Widaad Honey Jacobs
Chef Gordon Ramsay with Widaad Honey Jacobs

My obsession with Gordon Ramsay had started about 4 years ago.  When my friend, Judy Koose had told me that Gordon Ramsay was at the Good food and wine show and absolutely everyone was going, that was… except me! Since then, I had literally smothered myself in watching his infamous Hell’s Kitchen USA, where chef Gordon Ramsay actually gives young and old chefs the opportunity to make a name for themselves by fighting it out in the kitchen… figuratively and sometimes literally..  I’ve been glued to his Top gear interviews with Jeremy Clarkson and then later when Hotel Hell had launched I was completely convinced (and still is) that Gordon Ramsay sets the tone for excellent standards – in whatever he is involved in, and the entertaining part of it all would be he doesn’t hold anything back.

You could have imagined what my delight was when Good food and wine show Cape Town had announced Chef Ramsay was coming to the city in May 2013. I had followed him on twitter (@GordonRamsay ) and started tweeting him, he even endorsed Checkers meat and all of a sudden everywhere I went was Ramsay fever! I have to admit, im not big with twitter, so one day when Gordon Ramsay responded to one of my tweets and followed me on twitter as well – and after i got clued in on the verified part of twitter i was completely star struck. – In a good way, of course!

My biggest problem was to find a way to actually meet him! Apparently he had the R250 workshops where you could actually just sit and watch him in action in the chef’s in action workshop kitchen and then there was the anther option of getting the whole nine yards of VIP treatment! Fotor0615110342

To my delight of course the only problem with that was the price of R950 which for me was a bit much!  (But completely worth it).   So what was on offer was VIP space where you would receive canapés and drinks, entry to the good food and wine show, Ramsay’s latest book and the best part of it all would be that it would be signed by him so you would get the opportunity to actually meet him! And that was the best part of it all! Now I had to make a plan – financially that is! Anyways, plus minus a couple of days, Bon Jovi and Justin Bieber had visited the city as well!

So Cape Town was buzzing with entertainment and while everyone was enjoying the whole music buzz my craze was meeting Gordon Ramsay.   KFM  94.5FM had hosted a competition where you could write in and have the actual and the VERY EXCLUSIVE  opportunity to actually meet him live in studio while they have their interview with them, and someone who knew I was absolutely gaga about the chef had written in on my behalf and we were invited.   Receiving news from my invitation I had broke down in tears, filled with so many emotions at once, I have always wanted to meet and talk to him but a small part of me always thought that it just wouldn’t be possible. And even after I got the news I was still not sure if it was going to happen! So the morning my boss was so kind to let me off for a few hours and off we went we had arrived at PRIMEDIA Broadcasting in Green point where we were warmly welcomed by a KFM representative who had arranged beautiful name tags for us.   We then moved over to the lounge where we could enjoy some breakfast which were beautifully laid out.. Apple pie, croissants and loads more with warm beverages along with it! We got seated and they made a few announcements and finally I saw him in the horizon… Overwhelmed with joy tears just started running down my cheeks.  I’ve never been this struck by someone’s presence before, I guess I was just so grateful by this LIFECHANGING opportunity to have met him, -THANK YOU KFM94.5FM!



jb-met-made-to-flyGirls, you know that moment when you have a dress hanging in your closet that every time you open it, you wonder when am I going to get invited to an event I could actually wear that stunning frock to? – Well that’s how I felt about the dress I wore to this year’s J&B Met 2013.537429_4972475345097_1848827609_n

I have a ritual when preparing for an event, to soaking in the tub for next to an hour to prepping my nails – come on, you know the routine! On the downside of things, I had to work that day so I had to get done at the office which was challenging but I think I pulled it off – even with curling tongs in my boss’s office!46725_329695390482215_1516194102_n

On arrival, we parked on the designated J&B parking lawn a few km’s away, shuttles were available to transport guests to the the entrance which I loved521802_4972471344997_708922060_n even though we had to wait a bit before it left it was great seeing everyone dressed to kill.  There were still tickets available at the booth -luckily for us – ranging from R150-R1500,  The Style lounge @R450 a ticket included drink vouchers, and well.. A style lounge filled with hairdressers who could touch up and style your locks, a fragrance table with various perfumes and Massages from Mangwanani Day spa who treated me to a neck and shoulder massage and Elizabeth Arden who did our make up, with all that one can afford to go straight from the office to the event of the year!

Besides the pampering, there was actually horse racing going on and a whole lot of style! The theme this year was made to fly, I just loved Jeannie D’s dress with feathers on the shoulder, who I finally met after years of waiting! 376328_4972459024689_1375362459_nWhat I could not stand was seeing some people not making an effort to dress up, I saw someone with a normal top and jeans I wanted to slap her and say this is the J&B Met – it should be respected – jeez! And I actually saw someone wet themselves due to not finding the bathroom or they could have sung “Jamie Fox’s” Blame it on the alcohol song.

In other news the little hattery put their best hats forward and my friend Nonkosana Ndayi’s hat was a show stopper. Overall I enjoyed the event, running into friends I haven’t seen in a while and catching up.


Stuttafords MVG World of Fragrances Event 2013


v1.jpgv5.jpgPretty woman – the part Julia Roberts goes shopping at the major retail store and receives five star treatment, this is what you could expect from becoming a most valued guest at Stuttafords.  That’s the kind of special treatment I’m talking about, this is how I became a most valued or VIP Stuttafords client, and in this you get invited to exclusive Stuttafords events.  V2Particularly Stuttafords world of fragrances 2013, I was very excited upon receiving this invite because I knew it would be nothing short of perfection. Approaching the 10th Entrance near Stuttafords a cheerful love theme was in the air – or maybe it was one of the many samples of fragrances! It was the day before Valentine’s Day and gave all the ladies a good opportunity to get together and get spoiled a little, picmix-2452013-213411even got to meet a topless Cupid!  Lancôme, Estee Lauder to mention a few, soon it was time to put our pout to the test by trying on one of the many trendy colors available and compete on the Kissing canvas (my lips won me a hamper, YAYNESS!) Champagne and Appetizer kept the bubbles flowing throughout the evening and a chocolate fountain to die for! While live local bands had entertained us to the sounds of Zahara, we were encouraged to declare our hearts content on varied colored padlocks, where we would write our message click the lock on a birds cage and keep the keys, we would then give it to the one we love to find the lock at Canal walk, and unlock the message with their keys, this was just so romantic, reminded me of the Parisian Bridge in Paris where love gets locked forever, and if your love did NOT claim your lock with the golden key, then the only way they could ever unlock it was to dive into the Atlantic ocean, so I guess one of the lucky guys just might have to go all Titanic on us!


J&B Made Rare Experience 2012-2013






J&B Made Rare VIP party 2012 – 2013 Shimmy Beach Club Cape Town

Image courtesy of J&B South Africa
Image courtesy of J&B South Africa

The J&B Met is the most prestigious event on every socialites calendar, however there is a huge build up to the event for many.  As soon as the theme is released we grasp at it and dig deep into our creativity to project the theme to the best of our ability and put our own stamp on it and if youre lucky enough to be invited to the very exclusive BY INVITE ONLY TO THEIR SECRET LOCATION pre party then you’re in for quite a treat!386668_4771529761583_1373831274_n

The venue for event was the oh-so-sophisticated Shimmy beach club on the coastline, along with pool and a sandy courtyard that takes beach party to a whole new level! I loved that the floor was catagorised into an open plan, but at the same time there is a sense of togetherness. 377963_4773261604878_1873865485_nGuests could indulge deletable massages while relaxing in the sun and catching up with friends under the J&B umbrellas!  dsc00083

Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any better, 126 guests had the very exclusive opportunity enjoy a scenic flight around the coast wait for it.. on a private helicopter where I got to sit

right next to the pilot)! 734995_472109269502486_32588281_nFor me this was first class all the way and to top it off, we were shoufer driven in stretch hummer limmosine around town to our helipad – how mission impossible does that sound Not once in a lifetime.. just totally made rare!.pizap.com10.63353825686499481371543393532

Miss Honeys Closet

Miss Honeys closet

Miss Honeys closet was founded late 2011 when I had started to attend a variety of events and realised I could not be photographed in the same outfit thrice in a row – the idea was to sell some of my clothing items and buy some new dresses. Some of my friends thought the idea was fabulous and others thought it just won’t work – and so I started a facebook group to dip my “feet in” and get a feel for my market. Although I had a few sales (even guys buying for their girlfriends) it became hard for people to access the group and so early in 2012 I had created an official miss honeys closet page on facebook, soon I had started buying bulk bags and sold only what I thought is of good quality and stylish right now. Some of the brands I sell/sold includes Truworths, Woolworths, Nine West, Jo Bockett etc. Soon, the word of my closet got out and people was starting to come around to the idea. I had now started an online store, where I would post the items and they could collect it or I could post it to them at a small extra cost. There are times I felt distracted or de-motivated because I had no clients at times, but when I hear people I don’t know coming up to me and telling me about miss honeys closet I know that I am passing in the right direction. My motto is to keep the prices as low as possible and to stock great buys, I would not particlularly call my items vintage as vintage is extremely old in age, my items are +-five years old but always in very good condition.

All in the process of getting more buyers for my items would ofcourse mean getting more likes on my page so my clients can always stay updated on what’s new in the closet, so I’m working hard to keep the brand going, I have started taking on items on consignment so MHC can always have a flow of new items available and lastly I have come up with idea of upcycling aka recreating some of Miss honeys closet garments into a more trendier, comfortable and inspired fashion designs that I’m really excited about.

My vision for end 2012 into 2013 would be to host an official launch for MHC and to have a small consistent premises to showcase garments and maybe even expand my up-cycling into Miss honeys home closet!

So for now, I’ll be working on my upcycling project and will have to brush up on my sewing skills! To have a brief insight of my taste in clothing head over the Miss Honeys closet facebook page!

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Goodhope fm women kicking back at Mangwanani Spa 2012

It was that time of the year again when Cape Town’s hottest radio station Goodhope fm has awaited the flowers to bloom in Cape Town for their annual women’s day celebrations. This year’s location was every woman’s dream to get away from the daily chores of life and get pampered at The Mangwanani Private African spa in Zevenwacht on the Stellenbosch wine route. We had decided to depart our home before the hectic Friday afternoon traffic to miss the hassle and bustle and 35 minutes later we had left all the city chaos behind and had arrived in a picture perfect piece of heaven!

Welcomed by a lake where the perfect Zevenwacht Manor house is situated at the center of it all! We had checked in at reception to check-in and received our key and headed down to our cottage where it’s divided into subsections where one cottage has 3 on suite bedrooms with a kitchen and lounge area for all to share. Shortly after our complimentary shuttle had collected all the ladies we headed uphill through the vineyards to the spa! Being welcomed by the Mangwanani women serenading us with song, we changed into our robes and slippers while sipping on champs, this was my exhale moment where I truly felt miles away from home, it was finally time to let my hair down!

Mainstay provided cocktails for the ladies to have sundowners on their clubhouse balcony (which has one of the most incredible views I have ever seen in my life) while snacking on tapas where the biltong disappeared as fast as it landed (us SA ladies) We were then divided into groups where we would systematically go according to schedule. First on the agenda was the full body hot stone massage where they have individual enclosed rooms (which I appreciated), this was pure indulgence. We then headed to have dinner where I chose the chicken wrap with salad where they substituted the usual mayonnaise for white sauce followed by dessert- I thought it was inspired along with an open bar with an array of beverages, although my favorite was the cucumber water!

It was time for our foot scrub and massage where sugar mixed with oils was used to exfoliate our skin, soften it and enhance the circulation. Lastly we had our head and shoulders massaged in a dim room where we could enjoy a picturesque view over Cape Town.
After all the pampering we gathered and there were some fantastic random draws from Bronx and Blackcherry handbags.

Arriving at our cottage we were so well rested -we had time for a cup of coffee and I’m sure most of the ladies were catching up till the early hours of the morning. Upon waking, a shower with Charlotte Rys Cape Town body gel, lotion and felt very fitting. The staff at the Manor house restaurant was exceptionally friendly and helpful and was on hand at every step. A buffet breakfast was beautifully laid out consisting of an assortment of cheeses, salmon grilled tomato mushroom, and waiters on hand to prepare eggs to your individual preference. My favorite was their pastries which I loved most, where flaky pastry is done so perfectly, could possibly be the best in Cape Town!

I have been to many establishments with great views in the past, but there was always a sense that even though the service and food wasn’t up to par- the view is something that’s included in the bill, and this is exactly NOT the case at The Mangwanani Resort – refreshingly unpretentious, relaxed yet sophisticated, it makes the perfect getaway for Capetownians – far enough to feel like you’re in another city, but close enough to get home soon if need be, it definitely exceeded all my expectations and I’m looking forward to return one day soon!


The My Top Billing Dream 2012

The My Top Billing Dream 2012
Protea Fire and Ice Hotel
Cape Town

Jonathan-Boynton-Lee 2012 winner with Miss Honey

Top Billing has been around for as long as I could remember, it is a lifestyle program on Sabc3 that brings you the very best of the good life straight to your living room! From travel to gourmet dinners, actors, actresses, singers dancers, artists, sports any and everything glamorous under the sun, you name it, they’ve seen it or if they haven’t.. They will! What I personally love about the show is that it gives you an enhanced view of the world out there, its a place where magic happens for sooo many people and it brings us closer to a life many of us aspire to have, and I’m big on South africans supporting South africans so I love how they shed light on careers that really deserves a bit of sparkle, we can never have too many role models!

Top billing is home to South african television presenters such as the very glamorous Jeannie D, Doctor Michael Mol, The talented Jo-ann Strauss and Janez Vermeiren to name a few!

On the weekend of the Cape Town My Top Billing dream presenter search auditions, I had my lines prepared but as soon as the weekend arrived I kept putting it off, until the last sunday of the auditions, I visited my parents and read my lines to my sister, she liked it and all of a sudden I had the balls to do it, only problem was it was an hour before auditions closed! Second problem was I wasn’t dressed to the nines as I would have been and thirdly I had to rush! I made it 5 minutes before they closed entries. Next I had to get a copy of my ID and a photo of myself – I improvised emailing a photo of myself to the internet facilities they have @ Protea Fire & Ice Hotel. Now that I had all required documents I had to try and relax so my nerves won’t kick in. I’m a very confident person in general but when I feel as if there is an expectancy of me, I kinda get the shivers in my voice. I was viewed by Last years Top Billing presenter search winner Simba and one of the members of Tswelepeople production company.

”Good afternoon, we are here at the fire and ice hotel in Cape town, I am Widaad Jacobs, I’m currently reside in Muizenberg. I’m 26 years old and I’m the youngest of 8 siblings, I’m a big dreamer and live for the finer things in life, I’ve learned that its the moments in life u have rather than what u have that is y i love the social scene and refer to myself as a bit of a socialite, some of the exciting events I’ve attended was the Glamour stiletto run & I’ve walked over hot coals at last years Goodhope fm women’s day event! Both those events and today has special meaning to me, I’ve taken that leap to overcome both my fears and my insecurity , and today I’ve taken one step closer to my dreams of becoming the next top billing presenter!”

– This was my link I had to prepare about myself. I started off good and as I got into the letting go of my lines and just speaking as I would to a friend I kinda got the shivers. I rectified my mistakes but I didn’t want to stop and beg to start again because I know I could have prepared myself better, and that’s how people learn right? Soon after I was relieved for the sake of trying and to better equip myself in future situations where I wouldn’t get the shivery voice. I did not make it but I enjoyed the experience of meeting many different personalities. The Top 10 finalists was announced later when Top Billing aired and I have had my eyes on my Top 2 favorite right from the beginning, let me give you a clue? Curls and Tattoos!

Contestant finalists were:

Khanya Ngumbela
Zama Mtshali
Chamendran Naidoo
Greg Kriek
Zama Ngcobo
Kerusha Kistin
Lauren Wallet

Lauren Blackwell (star in the making)

Lauren Blackwell

Who won a challenge and got flown off to Australia to meet the great Justin Bieber! Life changing moment, Miss Honey see’s greatness ahead for you!

Lynelle Kenned (favorite)

Opera singer who performed with world renowned opera singer Katherine Jenkins on the finale and again in concert her opening act.
(Opera just got a lot cooler!)

Jonathan Boynton-Lee 2012 winner

Director/Writer/Actor/Philanthropist/Hopeless Romantic/Top Billing Presenter – Jonathan has a very down to earth nature about him and I’m sure as an actor or presenter we’ll be happy seeing him in our living room any day! Btw (us girls like the Romantic part:)

If you would like to enter next year
Here are some Tips to become a presenter:

Always confirm with the director if your interviewee wants to change seats, take control – your director knows best

Don’t waste your crews time, by wanting to do re-takes too much, learn your lines or improvise when u make mistakes.

Don’t mistake your subject for your crew

When you travel, as a crew it is expected of you to help out and keep track of your crew.

Keep identity document, paSsport or drivers licence close and in a safe place

Be respectful for everyone’s time

Ask your subject to turn his or her phone off for a few minutes during interview as its disrespectful of everyone’s time.

Really listen to what your subject says and use that to your advantage

Sympathise with your subject be human

Consider the noise in the background

Think out of the box

Don’t use big words that you cannot pronounce correctly

Do not act like a bunny

Do not be stuck up no matter how famous you might get

Be comfortable in your skin and work your best assets

Do not litter!

Represent the SABC3 Top Billing brand

Be fit and healthy

Learn to swim

Have a valid drivers license

Miss Honey


The Cosmopolitan Kick Butt Workshops!

I always say no matter where you are in the world your safety can depend on how alert you are and how cautious you can be! Sometimes, its beyond our control and other times we can actually defend ourselves… that it IF we know how! Here’s where Cosmopolitan South Africa comes out to play. Every year Cosmo hosts workshops where women can equip themselves with self-defense techniques that can possibly even save their lives! Last year I had the opportunity to go and here’s what happened!

I had arrived on a misty morning and found myself checking in at the entrance, I was then guided to very chic Cosmopolitan lounge, where tables were beautifully arranged with a light breakfast buffet and some beverages. To me Cosmo represents fearless but with a whole lot of class -this is why I had no idea what to wear even though I knew the venue was Planet fitness gymnasium in Plattekloof! I had dressed normally but as the workshop was about to begin, i changed in the changing rooms into my active wear (tights, tshirt and sneakers). We then headed to the training room where everyone gathered. We were warmly welcomed by Cosmopolitan reps and had met karate sensai and author (of ” Karate – The Essential Guide to Mastering the Art) Sanette Smit, who also has a Seventh Dan Black Belt in karate.

“Smittie” as she likes to be referred as, taught us to many different self defense moves, and I’m not talking Mr Miaggi wax on wax off techniques! She really does prove that no matter your size, strength or age, that there are many ways to kill a cat! Vitamin water had kept us energized and cool all through our training. Later we had a quick intermission and light lunch continued our training we ended off the afternoon with a celebratory drink! Few months later my arm (yes my punch) appeared in cosmo! My moment of fame haha!

I strongly urge every women to attend this workshop, it is so insightful and you not only walk away with a special self defense certificate and a great goodie bag (I love them goodie bags) but with the knowledge that can last you a lifetime!

Here’s your chance to attend:


The COSMO Kicks Butt self-defence workshop package is worth R700 but COSMO readers qualify for a special discounted rate of R250.
– A healthy light breakfast,
– an energy-boosting lunch and
– celebratory drinks at the end of the day are included.
– You’ll receive an official course-completion certificate,
– stand a chance to win some cool prizes in a lucky draw and head home with
– a great goodie bag.

Registration is at 9.30am and workshops will begin promptly at 10am.

When: Saturday 22 September 2012
Where: Virgin Active, Century Boulevard, Century City

When: Saturday 29 September
Where: Virgin Active, Cedar Square Shopping Centre, Craigavon

When: Saturday 6 October
Where: Virgin Active, Gateway Theatre Of Shopping, New Town Centre

Price: R250 per person

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The Southern Sun The Cullinan

Nothing short of the grandeur of luxury situated on Strand Street in the City centre. Its one of those places you keep walking pass but never get the opportunity to go! From the moment you arrive at the hotel, chauffeur’s and hosts makes you feel like royalty even the queen of England would feel right at home!  I loved the dim lighting as well as the fairy lights to add a cosy and romantic ambience!  Expect dark wooden tables with  elegant large high back chairs to entice you to stay a little bit longer!


The waitress had taken a while to welcome us but eventually when she did, she was very polite and friendly. They have an extensive wine menu and beverage menu. A food menu with starters, mains, desserts and tapas platters which is of course my favourite! My friend Rushana Meyer had opted for a chicken tremezinni and cappuccino, I had ordered the Cape Sun Chai tea and we had a Malay platter to share. After about five minutes our hot beverages had arrived, I particularly loved the presentation of the cappuccino – the beautiful plate and uniquely handled cup ( I find love in the details!)  The chai tea was life changing for me compared to any I have had before, the kettle served 2-3 cups (if you haven’t had this before go out to the hotel right now) both accompanied by a square cut crunchy biscuit . Later the waitress had said they have no tuna tremazinnis at that moment, Rushana had received a phone call during this time but I truly appreciated the patience and respect the waitress had in waiting until she was ready to change the order. She then ordered a tuna sandwich that consisted of two toasted sandwiches cut in triangles (the toast was lightly and perfectly grilled golden brown and was filled up a perfect combination of tuna and mayonnaise –I hate when sandwiches overlap and food fall when you take a bite) with a side Greek salad and French fries. The Malay platter consisted of fried chicken wings, samoosas, spring roles and calamari with a side of sweet chilli sauce– perfect finger food to share. How wonderful to introduce traditional CapeMalay cuisine and expose Cape culture to their international guests!


Prices are reasonable, expect to pay R100-R200 for a good meal pending on your appetite and your lavish taste buds! They say you never get a second chance at a first impression, and this time, I would definitely say that at The Southern Sun The Cullinan their first, second or third impression is a lasting one.

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Don Pedro Not the drink the restaurant!

Restaurant Review

Earlier this year I have had the opportunity to visit a fabulous restaurant that is truly a gem here in Cape Town. So I acted as guest blogger for Cape Town alive for the very first time, it was a unique experience and would definitely do it more, I hope some day my restaurant reviews are highly regarded here in Cape Town and maybe even in South Africa! I love dining at different restaurants, trying out different cuisines and inspiring takes on traditional meals, I’ll share my honest opinion on the food, venue, music, service and over all experience so I hope you enjoy my article

Introducing Don Pedro… no not the drink, the restaurant!

Author // That’s Cape Town
Posted in // Restaurants and Food, Reviews

Our guest blogger Widaad Jacobs tells us a bit more about one of her favourite restaurants in Cape Town, Don Pedro…

Don Pedro, situated in Woodstock opened its doors in 1991 and is part of The Madame Zingara chain of artistically themed restaurants around town, and if Madame Zingara is anything to go by, you know you’re in for a rather extra-ordinary evening! When I think about Madame Zingara I think about the beautiful, the strange, the wacky, the wonderful, the unexpected, a place where magic happens! Something quite magnificent in Cape Town! 

On arrival I could immediately recognise the theme of the restaurant by what I have seen on their website, although I was sketchy about the venue at first, I liked the idea of not knowing what to expect! The first thing I noticed was the wall outside was decorated with white washed wooden frames with pictures of Woodstock years ago with some of its history. We were warmly greeted by the usher who had opened the door for us (I love this place already) and we were attended by a “gypsy” dressed waitress who was incredibly welcoming and friendly.

The sun had just set and we were embraced by a candle lit room with dimmed lights that created a warm atmosphere. The piano and traditional white table setting really made me feel like it was a perfect setting for a memorable evening. The music was quite enjoyable although they had played the same song a couple of times (I almost knew the lyrics to the song before I had left).  Soon the restaurant was filled with all sorts of celebrations and I loved that every table had a story — I could now understand why I had to make a reservation!

Don Pedro has an afternoon outside menu and an a la carte evening menu with an average spend of R160.  On the night I of course had to have a Don Pedro, hake fillet, and many more, but what hit home for me was the scheme of things. If they served fish and wedges it would be served with a fisherman theme, with a little crate in paper — the very essence of the Western Cape.

Did you ever expect seeing a Barbie doll served on the side with your prawn cocktail!? – I think not! But it works! This is exactly what I loved about the evening, its something I am definitely not going to forget any time soon – not to mention they serve champagne by the glass. Gestures like these will make you continue your dinner celebration here until the early hours of the morning!

Or view

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“Souk” it all up on Long street!

an Arab market or marketplace; a bazaar….Errr … or maybe one of the reasons to get me back to Long street in Cape Town!
A new vibey hotspot in the midst of Long street has just opened its doors.
Goldiemedia and I had to see if it was worth our while and boy were we in for a treat!
Diversity in the city at its best! The staff were very polite and helpful and most importantly attentive! I love the various sections on the premises which could host intimate and larger functions. To me, it would be thee ideal venue to meet up with friends for sundowners on their balcony before hitting the streets of Cape Town not to mention a quick chilled cocktail or 2 after work!



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Lou Lou’s Exclusive Grand opening

Restaurant imageOn my way to gym at the Zone Fitness at the Lifestyle centre Cape Quarter in Greenpoint Cape Town, i noticed the formation of the newest hot spot in Greenpoint… Lou Lou’s!


Now, lets be clear, Lou Lou’s would not see me in the daylight of wearing my gym attire, as it has a very modern classic…sexy… oozing ambiance with decadent finishes. Let’s just say I’d definitely dress to the nines and drop by after work for their amazing range of whiskeys, single malts, fine wines, champagnes and imported spirits and have some New age Tapas to share with the girls. Also an amazing menu range consisting of fusing Asian, Italian and contemporary cuisines which are definitely reasonably priced.

The Grand opening hosted by The Little Black Book By Marina Nestel gathered media personalities and socialites. The red carpet was rolled out and the cameras were flashing, cocktails and drinks were abundant as well as tapas which kept the crowd at bay until the early hours of the morning.

What i love about this venue is that even though its in a shopping lifestyle centre, parking is not an issue, ESPECIALLY wearing stilettos! I love the variety of seating arrangements. Even if you just had a long day and wanted to pop in by yourself and have a drink -this is definitely where you would want to be found and maybe even getting advice from the bar guy!

 Need to know:

Breakfast: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat 11h30am – 12h00pm

Lunch: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat

Dinner: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat

Drop Off: Jarvis Street

Cape Quarter Square
27 Somerset Road
Green Point
Western Cape

Green Point, Cape Town
Western Cape
021 418 0015
Twitter: LouLousBar

Designer Timothy Nelushi turns up the heat @DAF Fashion Show 2014

Devon Anderson Concepts hosted the most recent Design Acadamy of Fashion annual Fashion showcase of up and coming designers and clearly most of them has already arrived!!!


So much so, I could literally not breath when Designer Timothy Nelushi’s models walked the runway,

Seriously courageous and beyond our time, he is the one to watch!!

Timothy Nelushi
Timothy Nelushi

Interview with TImothy Nelushi

What can you offer that other designers can’t?
– I think I offer the essence of being Africa in my designs without being too obvious about it. I’ve always had a vision of our craftsmanship being the center of international fashion and that’s what I’m here for…


What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?
-Seeing my vision come to life.

How did you select the materials you used?
-I shopped and got fabrics swatches in different hues and textures of black and selected the fabrics that felt right to me and best depict the point im portraying


What are your plans for the future?
-Im not going to mention a lot about the now because im an artist, I do something and get bored then move on to the next but I WILL show in New York and Paris in a couple of years’ time… mark my words.

Do you try to send out a message or theme in your clothes?

Price range?

Contact me for prices

Favorite moment of the show?
My favourite moment has to be the last look with Siya in a very structured scar cape, a dramatic floor length Masobeng print apron complete with a pair of sheer sport mesh jogger pants. when he walked out I could hear the crowd roar in excitement!!


Miss Honey would love to Thank Timothy Nelushi and wish him only everything of the best for the future,The Design Acadamy of Fashion for an amazing event and Devon Anderson Concepts, Photography provided by @Larry English Photography

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Shimmy Beach Club Summer 2014-2015

I’ve said it before and Ill say it again, if you have not been to Shimmy beach Club in South Arm
road at the V&A, You are indeed missing out! This fine dining and  Lifestyle beach front venue is world class and if you thought Camps Bay is thee “IT” place to be this summer.. seriously think again!


1146538_10153389576778868_2568491583899808015_nAlong with Danielle Erasmus from Goldiestyling and some hotties from Cover model management, we were given the opportunity to enjoy and review the jaw dropping live acts starting 29th November especially  for Summer, along with Shimmy’s new cocktail menu and some fabulous sushi!!! With a
wide variety of cocktails of which my favorite was the Bellini cocktail, once i tried it there was
no turning back and I’ll definitely be back for more! Furthermore with excellent service from the
manager who kept checking in 10553356_10204172451846937_7362582864610357454_nwith us and waiters who were knowledgeable and prompt we
stayed just a little longer, DJ’s spinning the decks to house beats and the live acts on a misty
evening really got me excited !! You can definitely expect an Ibiza-syle party under the stars
with soft shimmy beach sand through your toes, theres no need to go on a vacay baby,
Shimmy summer is calling!!

Good to know
Dress code: Summer sexy shimmer sunscreen

  • 12 South Arm Road, V&A Waterfront
  • 8002 Cape Town, Western Cape
Phone 021 200 7778

a HUGE Thank you to Shimmy Beach Club for taking care of us 🙂

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The meeting Place restaurant Simons Town

tmp-logoSimonstown, is one my most favorite places in Cape Town, spectacular breathtaking harbor views, boutiques, art galleries and hidden treasures pretty much like the meeting place upstairs Restaurant!
The meeting place
Street parking available ofcourse, leading u up a trail of stairs where ur spoiled for choice! The interior was recently redecorated with a sheek very homey vibe, i love that its cosy enough for a first date or a family brunch!  On a hot summers day i would definitely opt lounging on the terrace, sipping one of their amazing wines! Ofcourse to suit your budget overlooking the beautiful harbor and listening to the navy boys running in a group chanting their song!

Opening Times:
Monday: closed
Tuesday: 9.00am – 4.00pm
Wednesday – Saturday: 9.00am – 9.00pm
Sunday:9.00am – 4.00pm

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Living Le Grand Life at The House of J.C Le Roux


images (1)We could not have chosen better a day with the break of Spring even if we tried! My friend and I Gugulethu Samkanga from Butterfly Promotions and proud brand 10626471_10203792490588143_7459794196145400692_nambassador of the hottest trendiest active wear brand ERK, has accompanied me on a journey through the vineyards to Devon Valley, with GPS it was fairly easy to find! If you’re thinking of visiting J.C Le Roux on a Saturday it would be preferable to make a reservation as it is of course one of their busiest days! A crisp open plan lounge area waited us – where groups of bubbly families and friends gathered to indulge in the sparkling wine pairings. We were directed to a “wall of fame” museum where we could learn more about the various processes that makes every bottle of J.C Le Roux just that much more special! To be honest I was not sure about which shoes I could wear but rest assured this venue is definitely stiletto friendlyJ

 Heading for to the Scintilla private room for a private tasting, which 

really made me feel my experience was completely exclusive. We were introduced to the  Methode CAP Classique  range namely Scintilla, Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir Rose, Brut, La Vallee, and La Vallee Rose. I love that every bottle tells a download (2)story my favourite however was the J.C Le Roux La Vallee I’m not sure if it was the goldy hue or the fruity taste I was sold on or the fact that you could get this bottle of bubble just for R80!


10645120_10203792503068455_7704045466371401437_nWe had an amazing lunch at The Le Venue Restaurant where you could 10653352_10203792505108506_1871146944946162821_n10612951_10203792501188408_2335963821967238179_nliterally just get lost with the picturesque vineyard views for hours, J.C Le Roux is definitely  a hot spot this Summer!


Hours Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

Saturdays and Sundays 10am-3pm

Restaurant Reviews

Camel Riding at Imhoff farm

Kommetjie, Cape Town


Visiting Imhoff farm, an historic Cape Dutch farm dating back to1795 in Kommetjie was one of my new year’s resolutions. Truth be told experiencing a camel ride has been one of the things I would have liked to experience sooner, only problem was that I was overweight when I did want to go, there is a weight restriction of 80kgs
to ride on the camels and unfortunately for me my dream was shattered until I lost some weight and could finally make a long awaited dream come true.IMG-20140829-00233

Fairly easily to find on Kommetjie road, there were plenty of parking although there is a gravel road entrance so this is no time to don those killer heels! I could immediately spot the snake park entrance with some crocodiles, a nursery filled with an array of greenery. I love that the venue is child friendly but good enough to still enjoy with friends or family you should visit the free range farm shop, The Blue water café or the free range coffee shop, you could also try out some organic IMG-20140829-00234cheeses and plenty of wine from the Old Cape wine shop and organic fresh produce! Horses trotting in the stables, who could also take you on a scenic horse riding trail along the beach, And of course in the horizon 5 humungous camels, I did not expect them to be as huge as they are, and that’s with them sitting down!! First up – I went to say hi to the oldest camel who was 34 years old and oh em gee I did not know camels could have such a long lifespan which could possibly go up to 45 years!! I could touch his head and manage to get a photo next to him, next the very helpful IMG-20140829-WA000guide instructed me to a much younger camel, he then held out the stirrup for me and stabilized my feet in it with belts, and before you know it I was in a sitting position, which I felt totally comfortable with BUT nothing could prepare me for the part where the camel had to raise and literally stand! I was instructed to lean as far back as possible as his front legs went up, or I would tumble right over the camel, (did not know what I was expecting maybe a ladder ha-ha!) Quickly he rose into full standing position and the guide took us on a track route where the camel took some intermissions in between. The ride was surely memorable; I tried to pat the camel after the ride but was quickly told that was a very bad idea as he got a bit grumpy! I would strongly recommend experiencing Imhoff farm, the air seems so much more cleaner, relaxed and tranquil, its like a little village where you would want to switch off your phone and just indulge in the country life and stay just a little longer!

open seven days a week

Rides are weather permitted

Dress code relaxed comfortable shoes